Who can attend the Temple?

A photo of a Hawaiian couple standing in front of the Laie, Hawaii Mormon Temple after being married and sealed.Those who attend the temple must be baptized and confirmed members of the Mormon Church. In order to enter the Mormon temple, a member must obtain a temple recommend from his or her bishop.  In order to receive a recommend, a member must be approved after an interview conducted by the bishop.  During the interview, the bishop will ask the member if he believes in God and Jesus Christ.  He will ask him if he is living all of God’s laws, including the word of wisdom, the law of chastity and the law of tithing.  If the member is worthy, he receives a temple recommend which allows one to enter into the temple.  The recommend itself is a small slip of paper, laminated, with the temple attendee’s information on it (name, signatures of the interviewing authorities, ward and stake information).  The temple recommend is renewed every two years, as long as the recommend holder remains worthy.

Most Mormons attend the temple for the first time before they are married or before they serve a mission for the Church.  Only those with a temple recommend are allowed in the temple.  Most attendees are adults; however, children are allowed in the temple in order to be sealed to their parents.  Any Mormon with a recommend, despite social class or church office, can attend the temple.  Spouses are encouraged to attend the temple together.

At many temples, there is a visitors’ center located on the temple grounds where anyone can visit and learn more about the temple and Mormonism. Also, a few months before a new temple is dedicated, the general public is allowed to tour the temple.  Otherwise, the Mormon temple is closed to those not of the Mormon faith.

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Who can attend the Temple?
Worthy Mormons can attend the temple. Mormons are interviewed by their ecclesiastical leaders to determine worthiness.