Mormon Missionaries

A photo of two elder missionaries reviewing their planners together.Missionary work is a corner stone of the Mormon Church. Mormons have been taught through the scriptures that it is their role to “teach all nations” the truthfulness of Jesus Christ’s message.  There are currently 56,000 Mormons serving throughout the world today, and over 1,000,000 Latter-day Saints have served missions since the Church was founded. The success of Mormon missionaries and the missionary program is evident through the increasing number of people converting to the Mormon faith each year.

Mormon missionaries serve in over 350 missions (areas) worldwide. During missionary service, Mormon missionaries suspend their usual activity in educational, vocational, and family pursuits in order to serve. Missionaries pay for their own monthly expenses while in the mission field, though the Church pays for transportation costs to and from the field of service. In addition to teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, missionaries provide valuable community service. Some missions are service, rather than proselyting missions. Young male missionaries usually serve for two years, young females for eighteen months, and senior missionaries for one to two years. Mission presidents serve for three years and are supported financially by the Church during their term of service.

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Mormon Missionaries
The Mormon Church sends out missionaries all over the world. There are from 50,000 to 60,000 missionaries serving at any given time.